Wednesday, March 30, 2011

thifting obsession

Friends, I cannot stop my latest addiction.
Brook and I hit up our favorite thrift store again on Saturday and I spent every dollar in my wallet. Four hours later I was treasure hunted out, but check out my latest scores:

a dress by Mustard Seed.
i love the zipper, gathered waistline and the rolled up sleeves.


Kenneth Cole blazer that is a tad big, but I might wear Kendi style with either the sleeves rolled up, or scrunched.


H&M blazer. This kind of reminds me of a marching band uniform. Which is awesome because I didn't go to a real school and never could be that nerd-tastic until now.
H & M military blazer

this Ann Taylor Loft cropped blazer (I supplied the vintage gold button)
mar 018

a Poetry tunic
Poetry Tunic

belt with an awesome buckle

and my fav: a beautiful soft leather Sigrid Olsen handbag in perfect condition.

I've always been the kind of girl who buys a $30 purse, uses it every day for a year and throws it away for a new one. I'm just not a purse person.
But I can already tell after using this purse, that I'll never buy a really cheap one again.


Some thrifting notes:

The disadvantage of the particular store we visit is that there are no fitting rooms.
So our #1 rule is to dress in flip-flops, leggings, and a tank top.
Rule #2 is to look out for items to re-sell, to make up some of the money I spent on myself.

Whatever I buy that I don't like, doesn't fit or doesn't work for whatever reason I've put up for sale on my eBay account, with a few other trinkets.


Layla said...

WOW. You hit the jackpot, especially with that purse! I used to thrift all the high school, I flat out refused to wear anything new (or from that decade), even my prom dress was from the 50's. I really miss it and need to get back into it, but Atlanta isn't so great in the thrift department.

steph c said...

You're amazing at thrifting.. I am in love with that first dress and the yellow bag!! Kinda jealous right now ;)

Katie said...

Dang girl, you killed it with the thrifting finds! I am jealous. I always get skeeved out by used clothes, and, I get annoyed having to sift through things. I need to get over this though - there are clearly tons of awesome finds to be found!

Laura said...

Man, when I've hit up the thrift stores here it's mostly just total junk!

Amanda said...

Oh, wow! You got some super cute stuff! I haven't been thrift store shopping for clothes in a while because I'm totally broke, but I have a store really close to me that I love!

beka said...

That is amazing!!! What a bag- and I looooove that dress! Gorgeous - and you will look fantastic in it. I wish I had such great skill at thrifting!

Anna said...

i dig the marching band jacket!

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

Wow, you've found some great stuff! I love the jackets!

Tiffany said...

Great finds! Love the marching band style jacket!

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