Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Faves

An every-once-in-a-while round up of my favorites around the blogosphere.

In my Imaginary Closet by Creature Comforts. Love the concept, and what she put together. Now I'm messing around on Polyvore trying to create my own.

Taren admits she isn't doing what she loves and takes a leap of faith to get there.
(My friend Cait recently did the same.) Inspiring!

Reuben Egg Rolls at The Kitchn. I die.

you guys already listen to the Civil Wars, right?

I discovered them a couple months, and I've been obsessed with their Pandora station.
I loved their sound, and their music...and especially that Joy (Williams, the girl of the pair) used to be a pop CCM artist I listened to in h.s.!

Finally--One of BlogHer's posts this week arrested my attention and I can't stop thinking about it.
It's all about ownership of your decisions without apology.
I've never been one to back least not since my first college boyfriend where I took the blame for everything that went wrong and then some. I'm assertive, strong-willed (just ask E), and generally confident. I still need a reminder, and I think you do too.

Not just freedom to not speak your mind or share your decisions for fear of criticism (as someone more timid might be tempted to do), but also to have freedom from the rationalization and frustration associated with defending them.

Here's an excerpt from the post by Rachel Wilkerson, Don't say you're sorry, Just Own It

In my early twenties, I made so many decisions based on guilt. I always wanted to have a reason to justify my actions. A million reasons, actually. I went into conversations like I was going into battle, armed with my explanations like they were nun chucks. I would start swinging as soon as I heard the first disapproving, “Really? Are you sure?” I was armed and dangerous, ready to justify what I was doing to my friends and to myself until I was just beating everyone in the face with it.

But finally, something clicked for me. I realized my only explanation was, “Because.”

And I owned it.

Check out the post and let me know--what have you owned?

and finally--EEEeee! I just booked tickets for E and I to head to NYC for a short weekend in June. What should we see, do, eat, buy?!


steph c said...

Great song! Never listened to them before but I'm pretty sure I'm going to start!

Also.. great article from BlogHer. I still find myself doing something similar.. I always feel like I need to justify myself. And I know deep down that I don't.. I suppose it's a force of habit now? Eh.. I'm working on it!!

KSCoffeeGirl said...

I love love love the Civil Wars! :)

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