Monday, March 7, 2011

New Style Challenge

While E was out of town, my weekend involved thrift store shopping with my friend, Brook. She spent a year selling on eBay (for a living!) and has a great eye, so we spent the weekend treasure hunting.

As usual, I came home with more than expected.
I was so wardrobe-inspired by Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge (and so uninspired after it was over), that I decided to create a challenge for myself.
I'm committing wearing at least 1 of my (17) thrifted finds, every day this month.

You can see my picks in a Flickr set here.

The details:
4 tops
3 sweaters
2 pairs of shoes
1 pair of pants
2 scarves
3 dresses
2 belts

thrifted 3
thrifted 2thrifted1thrifted 4thrifted 5
thrifted 6

I'm not going to blog my outfits daily (they'll be posted in this flickr set)
but I'll blog a weekly summary.

Yesterday, I paired the thrifted Gap dress with the blue scarf, Anthro heels
The gray belt & sweater I already owned.



ps. I'm in nerdy glasses because I threw away my last pair of contacts without realizing I was out of replacements! I'm in glasses until I can get an appoinment with my optometrist (yikes)
I feel really nerdy awkward (not nerdy chic) wearing them at work today. Also, it's hard to take self-timer photos without glasses glare.

& here's today's outfit
it's a little casual & comfy on a rainy day.
Thrifted: boyfriend sweater, white belt, and blue scarf


(ahh, glasses glare!)

Have you ever challenged yourself with your wardrobe? I find it's the only time I can be creative! Hope you enjoy following along on this personal challenge :-)


steph c said...

You made some amazing finds! I'm seriously loving those gray stripey heels.

Kelly Loy Gilbert said...

I am DROOLING over these!! You have no idea. I especially love that jewel-toned dress and the yellow tie cardigan shrug thing and the striped dress and the shirt.

I love this challenge, too!! I'm going to try to do something similar with jewelry I think!

Can't wait to see how you wear all these! I always love your outfit posts.

Jade said...

I love the way you looped your belt into that cute little knot!

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