Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#OperationLayla Bake Sale today

Many of the people reading this will have already heard about Layla's story, but it's worth posting. I've known Layla (on the internets) for a while now, and was thrilled to see the response from the blogging community about her need.

Layla was diagnosed with a painful pre-existing condition which in addition to being debilitating and not allowing her to work, also excluded from her husband's insurance policy. For 388 days. When she needs surgery. (Read more of her story here...)

Some amazing ladies banded together to form #OperationLayla.
While they were able to raise the amount needed for the actual surgery within 48 hours (Amazing!), there are still a lot of associated costs with the procedure so today they are hosting a bake sale at Operation Layla to raise the remainder of the money.

(with all extra proceeds donated to the earthquake/tsunami relief in Japan.)

I hesitated posting about this, because there are some real goodies I want to win.

But please, get your butt over top, drool over all the goodies donated for fundraising, and buy something. (just don't bid on anything I want!) ;-)


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