Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Healthy New Year

I have always disliked the cliche of the new year's resolution, and especially the let down feeling when goals aren't accomplished.
But at the same time, there's a reason why a new year is a great time for resolutions...it is a fresh start.

After several months of our closet selection getting smaller (due to fewer clothes fitting us well), and really gorging the last few weeks over the holidays, E and I were feeling bloated, lazy and discouraged. (not to mention last week I weighed myself for the first time in a year and almost fell off the scale.)

wedding shower, about 2 years & 25(total) lbs ago

We chatted on our plane ride back home about what we could realistically do to change things, and how we would stick to the plans. Not just to lose weight, but to be in better overall health.

christmas card picture
us now (we used this photo on our christmas postcard)

This month we decided to start with eliminating red meat and having chicken or fish only 1-2 times a week, eating better breakfasts, and giving up alcohol.
I'm going to try cut down on dairy and starches in my cooking (butter is sooo hard for me to give up!) But Pioneer Woman and I are going to have to take a break.

We are also going to begin walking 30-60 minutes a day. It will be a time to unwind, but still get our bodies moving. I want to start slow, because running can be really stressful for me.) E is going to pick up a little more in preparation for a backpacking trip next month.

I'm really excited about getting started on this plan, but also nervous that we'll drift from it as the excitement peters out. I would love to hear how you stay motivated to be healthy--and please feel free to share your favorite vegetarian recipes!


Taren said...

Good Luck lovebirds! :)
It's so much easier to do it together! My hubby and I are doing the exact same thing at the moment! Cooking at home helps a lot and making leftovers for lunches. I got a lot of recipes from the eat clean diet website, also oxygen magazine site has lots of yummy healthy ideas.
I know Pioneer Woman is sooo yummy but the best for wanting to lose a few.

chelsea said...

I do vegetarian all the time! Check the Menu Monday posts on my blog. I'm not ALWAYS healthy, but I definitely try and think about 80% of what I cook would make the cut. :)

Jade said...

The BF and I have a hardboiled egg and toast with peanut butter for breakfast. We boil the eggs the night before, and in the morning we just peel them, place it in a plastic baggy and take it to work. Usually I have the toast while I'm getting ready for work, but sometimes I'll just wrap it in a paper towel and have that at my desk as well. A good way to not get too tired of this breakfast is to switch up the bread you use (different brands of multigrain breads taste different, and maybe the nut butters you use (cashew butter, almond butter, etc). Anyway, good luck to you!

Katie said...

First of all I have to say that I think you and hubby both look great for this 25 lbs you say you've gained. But I for one certainly know that it doesn't matter what other people think/say - it's how YOU feel about yourself. I'm trying to get motivated to get into the gym bigtime this year. My motivation is that I want to go on warm and fabulous vacations and absolutely cannot do so at my current weight. That, so far, hasn't been enough motivation to actually DO anything. I think the chronic back pain, general uncomfortableness, and oh yea the fact that none of my clothes fit me anymore might help push things along. If only hubby and I could get over these colds so we feel up for our first gym day! Best of luck to you! I look forward to hearing about your journey and getting some tips!

steph c said...

I think you have a great plan of action. My main problem is cutting down on wine (I love it!).. I usually have a glass or two most nights :(

PS. I think you guys still look great! So if you gained weight, I seriously can't tell from the photos!

A and N said...

Katie - I made a tasty vegetable bake on our now infamous Meatless Monday. Epicurious.com is great for some different recipes.


lavenderpug said...

you two look happy and healthy in both pictures to me! but still, a plan to feel healthier is never a bad thing, and the steps you're taking sound very reasonable and doable!

Sara McCarty said...

Yay! Great goals! I love vegetarian recipes. We go meatless a few times a week. I'll start posting some of them on my blog for you!

Emily (The Culinary Couple) said...

Sounds like a very realistic goal for the New Year. Here are a few of our favorite vegetarian recipes to help you out: Moroccan vegetable stew (http://theculinarycouple.com/2010/12/10/moroccan-vegetable-stew/), orzo with roasted eggplant and cinnamon-cumin dressing( http://theculinarycouple.com/2010/07/30/vegetarian-dinner-orzo-with-roasted-eggplant-and-cinnamon-cumin-dressing/), and Oriental stir-fry with tofu (http://theculinarycouple.com/2010/07/08/oriental-pork-stir-fry/). Happy 2011!

carly d said...

'nuff said. :)

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