Monday, January 31, 2011

Au Natural

Inspired by the post of Melinda, and following Katie, Kate, Carly and Kim. (and others)
here is the real me.

Last weekend when we were dealing with The Disaster, I showered, but opted not to do makeup or hair because we weren't going anywhere. It was the perfect opportunity to snap a few photos to unapologetically post to the world.

It was a great reminder I don't have to wear make up. In fact, this past weekend I didn't put any on, and didn't realize it until hours later!

Here is me:


Picnik collage


I do feel like my morning transformation makes me feel prettier (and styling my short-ish hair is essential!), but as with many things, less is more. The real thing that would make me feel prettier is losing all the weight off my face. But hopefully husband encouragement (and Jenna's TWLC) will help!

Would you ever post pictures au natural? When do you feel prettiest?


Kelly Loy Gilbert said...

You are lovely!!!!

I actually feel weird wearing makeup sometimes. I think it stems from that jr-high insecurity of not wanting to look like I'm trying too hard. 95% of my pictures are 'au natural,' but I'm trying to wear makeup more often ... so maybe that will change. :) But as long as I've been blogging, I've always felt safer posting a makeup-less picture than a really makeuped one. Weird, I know.

steph c said...

I think my mom and Scot are the only two to ever see me sans makeup, at least in the past few years. I don't even wear that much, but one day I'll get the lady-balls to post pics of me sans makeup entirely.

And by the way? You're beautiful! YOu should go w.o makeup more often.

melinda said...

Gorgeous girl! I loves the fresh face :)

beka said...

You're beautiful. I also find that with short hair, styling is essential- which makes snow days like this one kind of "blah" because either I take the time to do my hair and feel like I look good, or I don't and it looks crazy all day. Right now, it looks crazy :)

I'm jealous of your complexion- I'm in that weird 20s-stage of still dealing with oil/acne while also fighting off the beginning creases of wrinkledom. Agh.

Isabella Kiss said...

it is a brave thing to do. it is awful, but i don't feel "complete" without foundation or mascara. at least not in the winter. in the summer I am much more likely to be seen "au natural." In the winter my skin is just red, dry and blotchy. :/

Katie said...


And I hope this doesn't sound creepy...but I love your lips!!! You have such a pretty pout, jealous!

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