Monday, January 17, 2011

For cooking and baking

The general theme for most of the gifts I receive this year were kitchen related. I couldn't have imagined a better theme!
I've been daydreaming for months about a Le Creuset. (although I just took her out of her box today!)


Without red meat this month I am not sure what to make in it. This post on The Kitchn might just get me started.


My brother-in-law picked my name for Christmas and got me this beautiful book:


I can't stop flipping through the pages and reading the stories--The intro really grabbed me " This is about food and women and listening".
The pictures take me right back to our honeymoon.

I'll blog any recipes I get brave enough to try (braised rabbit! truffle lasagna!) This is a cookbook I can definitely see myself opening again and again.

I'm making it a resolution to use cookbooks more often and not rely so heavily on the interwebs for recipes. It requires more planning (usually I do a search for 1-2 ingredients I have on hand and then modify a recipe to use what I have. I'm so lazy.) But there's something about a messy book on the counter while you're cooking (Julie and Julia anyone?) and I've been gifted some good ones.

I also received a huge baking stone, a chop2pot cutting board, and some folding chairs for when we have guests (when my family was visiting they sat in camp chairs!)

Did anyone else receive kitchen gadgets for christmas? What are your favorite things to use in the kitchen?


steph c said...

I still use the internet for the majority of my recipes, but I'd love to start using books more, too.

We got a KitchenAid mixer from my future in laws for Christmas.. I can't even tell you how badly I wanted one!! I'm in love <3

beka said...

That cookbook looks amazing! I'll be anxious to hear how you like it.

Sara McCarty said...

What a great cookbook! Braised rabbit sounds very intriguing! I love cookbooks. I have about a million of them and try to make at least 2 recipes a week out of them. It forces me to try some new recipes that I wouldn't have picked out online. Can't wait to see what you make out of this cookbook - you have to make sure to post the recipe and your review!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

Can't wait to read about your recipes you like from the book. I am also exploring the kitchen and realizing how much fun it is :)

Katie said...

Oooh lovely!!! We received a dutch oven for our wedding, and I have yet to use it! However, I keep meaning to make arroz con pollo in it - maybe you could check out one of those recipes? Now I'm hungry...

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