Monday, May 4, 2009

DIY Tutorial: Baby's Breath Decor

With less than 50 days left, I understandably have lots to do.
But so many projects are done--I want to share them with you before life gets even busier!

I plan to DIY all my flowers, including decor for the ceremony and reception..and this post is just the beginning! 
Last Wednesday, I met my Aunt Jet for some flower-experimentation.  She had bought two bunches of baby's breath for $4 each from the local grocery store.

Previously, we had purchased three galvanized pails in different heights and sizes, and spray painted them brown.  The brown made them match our theme better and added a little bit of elegance as these will be in the church for our ceremony decor.


We took some floral foam, and cut pieces that would fit in the bottom of each pail.  They have to fit snig if you are going to fill the pails with water.

After filling one pail with water and realizing it leaked, we found old margarine, sour cream, and cottage cheese tubs and used them inside the pots to hold the water.

We cut the stems into a couple of different heights and used the broken stems to fill in along the edges of the bucket.

We figured out that we'd need two bunches for the large pail and 1.5 bunches for each of the smaller pails.  Since I have two of each size pail (6 total), we will need about 10 bunches ($40)

I'm thrilled with how they turned out!

Lastly, remember my little DIY project for the pew decor?
We set aside a sprig of baby's breath to test this final project out too!



Marissa said...

Boy, I wish I had an Aunt Jet! :o)

Those are great! I never thought about using baby's breath on it's own... I love the look!

Ready to be Mrs. B! said...

oh those turned out so nice! it's all going to look so pretty at the wedding! hooray! it's coming up!!!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

I love baby's breath!

jessica lynn said...

OMG i looooove it! it turned out so well! :)

Brandi said...

They look so great! I love the baby's breath! We did our own flowers as well so if someone like me can do it- I know you'll be awesome at it!

hisMrs said...

OMG Katie... I have been wanting to comment on this post and just now got a chance... I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out! It seriously looks so beautiful. I never realized how similar our weddings are until now. :)

emaleigh said...

These are SO beautiful!!

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