Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DIY Tutorial: Invitation--a lot of love and papercuts

The final installment in my invitations series....

Christie, my cousin and graphic designer explained her end
now for the nitty gritty!

I started with this: Superfine white envelopes, cardstock and text stock, and sage A7 cards from Paper Source, and chocolate brown pocketfolds from Paper and More

I ordered the paper-source A7 cards in sage to fit in the center of the pocketfold, but beware! They were just slightly too big, and the pocketfold bubbled when I tried folding it shut. I ended up having to slice off 1/8 inch off of each of the cards!

I left Christie's with a huge stack of printed paper and a heavy duty paper cutter and got to work! Christie printed thin black lines for precise cutting, and I cut inside those lines, as close as possible.

It was really important for accurate cutting because of my perfectionist tendencies so they would fit properly in the pocketfold.

I shared the beginning of this process here, and spent 2 nights a week plus saturdays for almost the next month cutting these, a little at a time.

In the end, I cut 6 pieces for every invitation and then for about 25 of them, added California Reception insert.

sis K1 taping the middle insert to the pocketfold.

I realize this makes me look like I force all my relatives to DIY for me, but really I only took a short break for [crappy] pictures!

Finally, just for one last time, the final product!

The last two pictures are a little bit sad to post, because I forgot to take a photo of the set before I sent my own through the mail. You can clearly see the indents and folds from the envelope. But it still gives the idea of how it looked closed.

It's a rainy, yucky day outside, but I've been busy mini-moon hotel booking and working on my photography list

What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?


LauraAnn said...

They turned out WONDERFUL! Great job!

J.Rhoades said...

Your pile of papersource paper looks almost exactly like mine did when I unpacked it! I had khaki, superfine soft white, and chocolate brown. Your invites look great!

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

These look awesome!

Jen said...

they look great!

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