Friday, May 15, 2009

[Inspiration Fridays]

This Friday inspiration post is a little unqiue...

Last night aunt Jet and I went to scope out a photo location she thought would be perfect for pre-ceremony photos that is closeby (15 minutes) from our church...
Oddly enough, it's on the campus of the organization I work for!  We have a workshop and residential program for adults with disabilities...and the grounds are beautiful.

Sound strange?  Let me share:

We'll do our first look here (the barely-there vines should be much thicker in 5 weeks!)

Then stroll over to the gazebo

and down to the covered bridge...

Isn't it beautiful?

There's only one hitch to this great little plan: I'm getting married on a Friday.  Pictures starting at 11am.  While I will no longer be an employee, it's a normal work day for 400+ employees!
The parking lot is going to be full of vehicles and not make for as pretty a background.  Our photographers will have to make sure to shoot from the right angles!

ps.  can you tell at what point I figured out the perfect outdoor setting for my camera?  Not even post-processing could make pictures 2,3 &5 compare to the others.  Thanks to Jenna of That Wife for the great photo advice!


Jenn said...

That covered bridge is incredible! LOVE!

Bridechka said...

Love it :)

HelpMakeCents said...

I had to choose between a Friday and a Sunday wedding as well (they're cheaper!)... I think with the right photographer, you won't have to worry too much about the cars in the parking lot.

Did you have a photographer yet?

{The Perfect Palette} said...

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