Monday, March 30, 2009

Shower Wear: emergency!

We interupt our regularly scheduled program of Italy Wear, for a tiny emergency. I just realized my first bridal shower is in less than two weeks and I have nothing to wear!!

I think this shower will be a little less formal, but I'd still like to wear a dress. My favorite style is a wide strap dress with a scoop neckline and a pretty floral print. Also, I've never worn yellow, and I think it'd be a fun time to start wearing it!

My budget is about $50 and my time is limited.
Here are a few ideas....but most of them are out of my price range.
Does anyone else have suggestions?
Also, in honor of the recent opening of Nordstrom Rack near my work, these are all Nordies dresses!


Ms Bear Cub said...

I like the 2nd one! :)

Ms Bear Cub said...

sorry - I didn't see the budget!
I was going to say that the last one was my 2nd choice!

Ready to be Mrs. B! said...

hey! here are a few things i found on recently, i have liked their dresses - cute, flattering, and the price is right :)

here are a few links to things that i thought may work...i may be way on or way off :)

this one may be too casual, almost hippy, but it's yellow and cute :) price: $29.80

this one is not at all what you described you wanted...but i like the floral print :) i have one similar and it's very flattering. price: $24.80

there are quite a few more that may be what you're looking for...but i figured i didn't need to post all the links :)

good luck! let us know what you end up finding!

Unknown said...

I like #2 & #4

Jenn said...

Oooh, I really like the second one! I hit the BCBG outlet for my dresses...I wish there was one closer to my house :)

Look here:

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