Thursday, March 12, 2009

wedding shoes are here!

DSW was having a sale. And I had a $10 off coupon. So i bought these beauties online, hoping they fit (I'm one of those always in between sizes) AND match the color of my dress (which is sort of an in-between ivory.

If they don't match my dress, the solution = dye them! I'm hoping for a bright pop of color to peep from under my dress. I wasn't sure if I'd be daring enough to do it, but if these don't match, I have the perfect excuse. Yes, my entire family and fiance will think it's ridiculous, but after receiving these perfect shoes in the mail, I'm not sending them back!

So here they are: Caparros Victor Satin Pump in Nude

oh, what's that? You want to see the bows a little closer?
no problem.

What do you think?
The more I look at these pictures (which were taken in low lighting) the more I think there is no way they'll match my dress! I won't find out until my next fitting in May. But they aren't as gold as they look here!
In the meantime I need to find the perfect shade just in case...I definitely don't want to dye them celadon (the color of my girls' dresses), but I don't know what color will coordinate with my ivory, sage and brown woodsy theme.
Right now, my only thought is teal. Any other color suggestions?


Brandy said...

Love!!They are amazing!
My other suggestions(although I love teal!)are navy or dark green, based purely on your colour theme.
Something Weddings

Unknown said...

Those are SO pretty I would say don't dye them, even if they are not a perfect match.

LA said...

i love love {love} them!!

Hannah said...

I bet those would look great with your dress even if they aren't the "perfect" shade. Just have fun with them!!

LauraAnn said...

Love your shoes! I think the color that they currently are is great. Even if they don't match exactly it won't matter because they won't be right up against one of your wedding colors so no one will be able to tell whether they match perfectly or not!

Jenn said...

Those are amazing! Love, love LOVE!

CIP said...

I love them! Love bows.

Lucky Designs said...

DSW is great - Beautiful shoes!

jessica lynn said...

i love them!

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