Tuesday, March 31, 2009

USPS, you dissapoint.

I just poked onto the USPS website to see what my options are for my invitations....(preview, DIY steps, and budget will be coming soon!!)

and this is what I found for my 59 cent invites--$60.00 for these?
I have to admit I'm pretty dissapointed. I'm not too picky about the way our envelopes look--I'm not doing a wrap around label (i think), not embossing a design on the flap, not sealing it with a wax seal. But I don't want my envelopes to look ugly.

There are other options...but is it worth it to buy a wedding stamp from Zazzle (many more options) or make my own on either Zazzle or Stamps.com?

(p.s. here's a little sneak peak from the invitations. My monogram designed by Paper & Ink.

or, my favorite E-pic.

Even with online coupon codes, my total goes from $60 to $95 for postage. I've gotta think quick, as I'd need to order these by tomorrow to have them in time to send the invites.
What would you do?


LauraAnn said...

When do your invites have to go out?!? If you can wait until this summer the USPS is coming out with much better wedding postage.

Other than that I would just shudder and stick the heart stamps on the invites. I think people understand that the USPS doesn't exactly have the most stylish wedding selection. Good luck!

Ellen Mint said...

Why is there a stamp for James Michsner? Wouldn't you be afraid people would fall asleep upon recieving their mail?

I'd say go with the heart ones. Honestly no one will look at your postage.

Katie said...

invites have to go out in less than two weeks! Can't wait til summer :-(

melissa said...

I would go with the heart stamps. They aren't that bad actually. Use your money on something else.

Unknown said...

I love the zazzle stap with your e-pic. If cost is in issue I agree that you should just go with the heart stamp.

Bethany said...

I hear the USPS hand stamps?? look to see what they offer. I just sent mine out and by the time the guests get the invitations, the post office has ruined the envelope and you can't even tell.Go with the heart, I almost did zazzle and price difference was outrageous!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I know it's more money, but I love the photo of you and your fiance (Much better than what the USPS is offering!!!)

As far as "hand stamping" I think that might mean they "hand cancel" each stamp as opposed to running it through a postage maching to cancel the stamp. Not sure if that made any sense...

good luck!

Ready to be Mrs. B! said...

i love the zazzle stamps... but honestly, people don't look at the stamp closely enough to spend almost double on stamps. i say, go with the heart stamps. and splurge on your shower dress with the money you save on stamps...people will notice that much more! :)

Jenn said...

I used custom stamps for our Save the Dates, and honestly probably won't for our invitations. But I think it's a personal preference. That old man is pretty funny! :)

Kate said...

I'd go with the heart stamps and put the saved money towards something more fun :-) I think most people don't really look at the envelope when it comes (sad, right?) and $95 is a lot for stamps is you only need $60 worth. I remember sendingo ut my invites - its such a weird feeling of "OMG this is actually happening!!" Good luck!!

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