Monday, March 9, 2009

the fitting

...was not what I expected. When I stepped out of the dressing room, it wasn't quite the "magical moment" I'd been dreaming of.

It's a custom made dress. It was my first fitting. There's supposed to be some tweaking...right? My seamstress is a rock star. I have full confidence that she'll pull the dress together exactly how I want it. But there is some work to be done.

E, don't you dare keep reading.
not kidding.

*photos are all linked to prevent fiance peeking!

She said she erred on the side of modesty and made the top with a LOT of coverage. One of my biggest fears with the neckline of my dress, was that my teeny little chest would be swimming in the space left for it. I want it fitted, sleek and tiny. It was not. It was also pretty lopsided. I think she saw that immediately when I put it on.

The custom back wasn't quite as low or wide as I wanted. I think this is probably a quick fix.

Lastly, the straps were too thick. (see first photo)

I'm sure I must've sounded like quite the bridezilla when I stepped out of the dressing room, with nothing but things that needed to be changed, but I was dissapointed that the dress didn't look exactly like i'd been imagining and I couldn't help but blurt it out.

It truly does have all the right elements though, and I know it'll turn into something beautiful!

And as BM Rae, and my sisters and mom said, "Katie, it's really not that bad!" (did I mention we got there right when she opened on a Saturday morning? we were armed with starbucks, but the sleepiness still shows)

Also, I did a pseudo make-up trial that morning. I felt like I was heavily coated. Sis K1 and Rae said it was barely noticeable. (And the only photo that barely shows the unnoticeability is an awkward mid-sentence, confused, dark, and shadow-induced double chin shot. Aren't you bloggers lucky I have no shame?)

In an effort to not be dissapointed again, and to let Richelle know how happy I am with the dress overall, I sent an email to her this morning thanking her for all her hardwork and sending her some more inspiration photos of the specific tweaks I wanted made.

Here are the photos I sent her:
Mrs. Cherry Pie
Romona Kaveza
Anne Barge

Here's to hoping it will all come out in the end. :-)


Jane said...

i think it is going to be gorgeous!! really for the first fitting, it looks amazing! just think how perfect it will be after a few tweaks!

TBB said...

It looks great already, so I know if the end it will be awesome! Can't wiat to see it evolve.

Bethany said...

Wow for the first fitting on a custom made dress its very pretty! I am sure you will get everything fixed and it will be beautiful :) Congrats, still waiting for mine to arrive ahh need more patience.

Margot said...

It must be so exciting to have your dress custom-made...I think it's going to look perfect on you!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

That's a gorgeous dress!

hisMrs said...

Ahhhh! I have been waiting for an update on how this went. I seriously thought about you on Saturday. You look so gorgeous in it. I do agree with the lopsided boobage, but I am sure that she will have it perfect in no time. How exciting! Does it feel real yet?

melissa said...

Don't worry - now that you have the structure I am sure she can make all of the tweaks to get it perfect. I am amazed at what they can do. I also had a custom dress that was less than flattering when I initially tried it on. But now that all my fittings are done it fits and looks amazing. I am sure you will find the same.

LauraAnn said...

The dress is beautiful and once the changes are made that you requested it will be gorgeous! Hang in there! I can't wait to see what it looks like once the changes are made!

Ms Bear Cub said...

How nerve-wracking! I don't think this would qualify as any sort of bridezilla. You're paying her to do a custom alteration - you shouldn't have to settle. Don't worry, though, after a few more visits, I'm sure it will look just as you imagined it would :)

Brandy said...

I don't think you are being bridezilla-ish at all. She's a professional and you are paying her to make your dream dress a reality. No first fitting of a custom gown is going to look exactly like the end product, they always need tweaking and a bit more working. All the things you pointed out to her should be fixed next time you see the dress so don't worry. It's going to be beautiful!
Something Weddings

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I haven't seen your photos yet, but just a word of advice...

I kept quite alot at my fittings..., kept showing the seamstress the photo from the magazine of the top/bust area of the dress and thought she would understand that it DIDN'T LOOK LIKE THE PHOTO...

Well, I still love my dress, but everytime I look at my album, I wished I had just been more darned specific about what was wrong with it.

The key is to take charge! Good luck...

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