Thursday, February 26, 2009

ok, so my wedding will be a little trendy

Because.... we're having a candy buffet!
and it's going to be the yummy kind. No color coordination, no excess decorations...just bunches of rainbow candy goodness.

I had never heard of a candy buffet (or a candy bar, as I keep saying to everyone's confusion), until I entered the world of wedding blogging. Now I can't imagine my wedding without it!

Here are some of my inspiration shots (all taken from the Flickr Candy Buffet photo pool)

multicolored candy buffet

whimsical candy buffet

multicolor candy buffet

multicolored candy buffet

Last night, aunt jet and I made a mock set up before we pack up the containers for the attic. I'm running out of storage space! Here's a photo of the set up I'm planning at this point, though we may add a piece or two.


Now, the best part, how much this set up is costing me....are you ready?

Every single piece on the table was purchased from a thrift store or borrowed from a relative.
The total cost of all the containers is less than $50!


Jane said...

i definitely want a candy buffet! i love them! and 50 dollars is a great deal!!

Candice said...

Great idea! I hadn't heard of a candy bar(buffet) either until I started reading blogs! I have thought about it but I know I'd eat it all night long! Haha!!

natalie said...

Who cares how popular they are, people LOVE them! :) I know my guests did, and they were all surprised. I highly recommend it.

Margot said...

I really want to do a cookie buffet/spread to accompany our wedding cake. Finding all the right size and shape glass vessels might be challenge, but it really does look awesome in the end -- based on pictures I've seen!

Wedding Corner said...

I love candy buffet!!!
I am still deciding if I am having it to my wedding or not.
They sure add some color to any party and you cannot deny they are yummmmmmmy!!


Brandi said...

That's such a great price! And I love that big one in the back!

DietCokeStraightUp said...

I love the idea of candy bars!!!! It's so colorful and fun looking!!!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

Candy Bar sounds Awesome!!! I'd love it as a guest!

CIP said...

OMG! So much fun!

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