Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Instagrammed: a DIY wedding

One of the highlights of our week off was a New Year's Eve wedding!

Beautiful bride! Makes me teary. My floral contribution on the cake table

Tricia, the bride, is a co-worker and friend. Her husband's parents have an avocado ranch on a gorgeous hill in a rural area. It was picture perfect.

This was the most DIYed wedding I've ever attended, and I got to be a part of it. (When I say DIY....they even made all the alcohol they served - beer, wine, mojitos, sangria, and kahlua!)

The outdoor scene. The groom and his brother made beer for the occasion.

I helped set the reception up on Friday & Saturday. The bride and groom built and stamped succulent boxes for the table centerpieces, with lanterns. The table runners were strips of burlap. We put together all the flowers during the rehearsal on Friday evening, just like I did the day before my own wedding!

Succulent and lantern centerpieces Succulent wall! Weighs 500+ lbs but so gorgeous.

The bride and groom created this monstrous succulent wall out of a pallet. It weighed over 500 lbs, and then spent 2 months gradually tilting it up to the roots of the plants would hold when it was upright.

I can't wait to get the professional pictures to share, because once it got dark, my iPhone wasn't doing the place justice, but the whole wedding turned out beautifully with a sunset ceremony, a live band (of friends!), and a cake buffet. I made two lavender lemon bundt cakes you see below :-)

There is something so electric about weddings of friends. As someone who has been married for two and a half years I feel so much excitement for the newness and the romance of marriage on a wedding day. But I also I feel joy that another friend gets to experience the wonder and struggle and comfort and completeness of marriage.

Nom! Lavender lemon bundt cake out of the oven- now its my turn to get ready Lavender lemon bundt cake
Here comes the bride! Gorgeous!
Live band. So good. Thank you from bride and groom

Happy New Year indeed.


Jessica Lynn said...

That was a fantastic post and I really hope you sent the link to the bride! They really made their own kahlua?! Wow! Great photos, too!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That succulent wall is beautiful! I did not DIY much of my wedding and sometimes I regret it ... but then again I would have probably been a total stressball and I wasn't!

Katie said...

Jess - yes, they really made their own kahlua! SO good in coffee with dessert :-)

Katie said...

Very pretty! Those cakes look yummy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your friend and her wedding are gorgeous! She's lucky to have such a fantastic venue in the family - an avocado ranch sounds divine!

Wave Wanderer said...

Stunning photos. The bride looks beautiful!

Minted Magazine


Unknown said...

This wedding looks fantastic! My wedding is going to be very diy too!Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That looks like such a great wedding!

Katie said...

Wow wow wow - that sounds like an amazing wedding! I would love to see the pro pics!!!

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