Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Help! need cruise tips

E and I are going on a cruise soon (yay!), so I have been researching what to expect, what to pack, etc but I'm a little overwhelmed. Have any of you out there have been on a cruise before? Do you have any tips? There is a whole world out there of cruise insiders and enthusiasts on blogs and chat boards, and I feel like I'm behind already and don't know where to start! (p.s. We are traveling with Royal Carribbean)

Some questions:
  • How dressy is formal night? (I've never owned a floor-length gown!)
  • Can you bring wine/soda aboard without smuggling?
  • How do you plan for shore excursions if you don't go through the cruise ship?
  • Should we carry our luggage on or check it?
  • How much should we plan to spend for 'extras'? (spa, drinks, games, tips)
Any other advice?
We'd really appreciate it!


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