Monday, February 7, 2011

Lattes and Margaritas: What Girls Are Made Of

ps. Kim just sent over a bunch more pics, so I added a few on the last post if you can find them!

Friday morning we headed for the hills a few miles away to hike at San Elijo Hills.


I've never hiked here when it's been so clear--so crazy to see the ocean (20 miles away)!



I wasn't really planning well when we left. We intended on a leisurely morning hike.
We ended up walking over 5 miles, all very steep inclines, in about 2.5 hours. (lots of breaks)

is it over yet?

Exhausted, we dragged our selves for some refreshment from In 'N Out!



Can you guess from the attire where we spent a leisurely afternoon? Sadly (ha, this is going to sound so snotty), it was a little windy and cool for the perfect day at the beach.


but the sun was still shining, surfers still surfing, margaritas still in order



One of Kim's requests for the visit was to visit coffee shops. A latte lover never turns down those opportunities! Friday night we went to Old California Coffee House (formerly, Mocha Marketplace) Its frequented by undergrads, but has a great setting--eclectic art and thrift store furniture. Outside, two fire pits, live music on the weekends and a huge latte menu keep it busy!

Dessert favorite!
Kim tried a Mexican mocha


and I got caramel butterscotch



Saturday morning brought more coffee--at our favorite roasters, Safari
Eric's group of friends has been spending Saturday mornings here for over 8 years!

I convinced Kim to take a pound of beans home (She loved them!) and we headed off to the Island of Coronado for the day.

First stop, Hotel Del

We walked through the basement shops and checked out the display showing the history of the hotel.




Picked up some sweet souvenirs! (Kim had lots of people to buy for!)


We ended the day at Miguel's--a great mexican place across the street from Hotel Del, but hidden down a small walkway.

Margaritas and tacos. A great end to a great (long) weekend!

margs at miguels

I love entertaining and was excited to see some new SD sights. Any SD'ers have some suggestions for our next guest? (I'm thinking Point Loma, Mission Beach, Temecula)


steph c said...

Finally going to an In-n-Out Burger is on my bucket list. We don't have them on the east coast (and I don't eat red meat) but it WILL happen one day, regardless!

Tiffany said...

I don't like coffee, but that caramel butterscotch latte might just convince me otherwise!

Sara McCarty said...

What a great weekend! When can I come visit you and do all these fun things?!? Just say the word and I'm there! That hike looks amazing. And I've never had In-N-Out...I feel so Midwest saying that. :)

Katie said...

My boss was just in San Diego for a conference and stayed at the Del for a night. Then I had to call them and cancel a stay for my other boss who was set to fly out the night the big blizzard hit! I always think of Baywatch when I think of the Del. I'd love to visit it for realsies one day!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, those beach pictures make me so jealous! Looks like a wonderful weekend.

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