Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Story of Us: Summer and a visit

Sorry to leave you guys hanging on this for almost two months! Yikes.
If you're new here, in November I decided to start writing E and I's love story. To catch up, read about our first meeting, spending 4000 miles apart, & the letter.

Summer of 2007
Our letters came to a sudden halt while E spent 5 weeks traveling in Europe with his best friend Alex. I followed his blog to keep up and when we got home--my roommate and I and Alex all bought tickets to fly out to California that summer for a friend's wedding and a reunion.

Early in the summer I enjoyed my freedom and dated a little, but didn't let anything get too serious, keeping my trip to see E in mind.

The four of us spent a long weekend in CA in July seeing local sights, including my first trip to Disneyland!
I got to see E in his comfort zone, and I spent the long weekend falling for him. I got the feeling it was a little bit of a test for me too. We did a lot of E's favorite things and I could feel his attention on me to gauge my reaction (he later confirmed this). He wanted to know what I thought of his favorite movie, coffeehouse, Mexican food joint, friends, dog, family.



E was flirtatious: intentionally sitting next to me on rides, buying me a churro, taking pictures together, having one on one conversations. I kept looking for some commitment (I like you, I'll call you, I'll miss you?) but E left me at the airport without even a hope of further communication. Just a "see you in September".


I spend the entire plane flight home with nervous butterflies. I was anxious that he hadn't made a significant move, but I was also really falling for him.

My concerns didn't stop me from telling my parents when I got home, that E was the guy I was going to marry.

Days went by, then weeks. And still no word from E!


Newlyweds on a Budget said...

aww I loved you told your parents you were going to marry him.

I told my mom three weeks after our first date that I was going to marry my now-husband. Sometimes you just know ;)

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