Wednesday, December 15, 2010

un-Christmas and looking forward

I really thought our holiday season was going to be slow and sweet.



Last year, I spent a whole day baking goodies to distribute to co-workers, family and friends.
This year, I haven't even broken out my measuring cups.


Last year, I attempted at decorating with that little we had.
This year, I haven't even had the energy at night to look for our Christmas stuff, much less put it out.


(all photos from last christmas)

Last year, I crafted cards for WB card swap, and had my 50 + Christmas cards out by now.
This year we bombed our Christmas card photo shoot and I'm not even sure we'll send anything at all.

I'm not a fan of that "Waah, I'm so busy-no one has as crazy of a life as I do" spiel, so instead of complaining I'm going to work on fixing it. Simplify.

I'm not participating in #Reverb10, but the 11th prompt was motivating so I'm picking it up for this post.
11 Things I don't need in my life

1. laziness
Why does it take me three days to wash a dirty pan on the counter or put away clean clothes--both tasks would take less than 5 minutes? Who knows, but I always postpone.
I have 4-5 half-done projects in the house. They all seems like too much work/time/energy. They really aren't.
2. thin skin
I get bugged pretty easily. Offended, bothered over really minor things. This year I want to tolerate better, and laugh more. Instead of blowing a gasket, take a deep breath.
3. Facebook
I am going to embarrass myself and admit that I spend 1-2 hours on Facebook every day. It's not just a time suck, it's a life suck. I'm obsessed with being connected, but neglecting the really important people I could be connecting with face to face or on the phone.
4. jealousy
A result of Facebook is that its easy to become discontent with life when you see all the best of other people's lives. I need to remember that no one had a perfect life, and that mine is wonderful.
5. intimidation
Especially in one particular situation, I have succumbed to being a doormat because it feels easier than sticking up for myself. E and I have both made resolutions to call people out in situations where its necessary.
6. clutter
I hate clutter, but also have a bad habit/attitude of feeling like it's my prerogative to leave things where they lay when i get home work. Sadly, I never get around to picking them up. (see #1)
7. excuses for getting in shape
I don't know what it is about getting married that has made me despise working out. I use to run. I used to love to run. something needs to change.
8. pounds I've gained since the wedding
ok, 8 lbs isn't all that much, but it is a full size, and I hate not being able to wear 1/3 of my wardrobe because of a few measly pounds.
9. sweets.
I gorge. I get cavities. I feel yucky. I love sweets. I will never say no to cookies, brownies, candy, ice cream. I'm positive that if I cut this out of my life I can start feeling much better, but sugar hurts so good.
10. multi-tasking
because i'm not good at it. And apparently, no one is. I end up with unfinished tasks, feeling like a failure, and so much wasted time.
11. selfishness
This is an ongoing project that spans most aspects of my life. But I think its really important to have a world-view that puts me third: First God, then my neighbor.

What can you get rid of in 2011?


melinda said...

I haven't been doing reverb either, but I especially liked reading people's posts about this particular prompt. And I can do identify with several of your items!

beka said...

ME TOO. Especially the laziness + facebook + jealousy. So much.

And I am royally failing at Christmas this year too :(

steph c said...

I could totally just copy your list and claim it as my own.. I agree on pretty much everything. And hey, it's ok to not go entirely full out for Christmas every year.. it's a lot of work!! (although.. your cookies look

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