Wednesday, December 1, 2010

um....thank you?

Today I got a compliment that I think was meant as a note of pity.
A condescending compliment, if you will.

The words were: oh, that's a cute outfit, with the layers"
but it sounded like "nice try honey, but it's not really working"

I have never had this happen to me before.

for reference, here's what I'm wearing today:

Day 24

(granted, I should have worn a necklace, but otherwise I'm still happy with this outfit)

Have you ever received (or given) a fake compliment?

ps. today I also received a compliment from a barista at a new local coffee shop that my hair was "perfect." So he got an extra tip today.


steph c said...

Hah! Well I personally think your outfit is adorable!! And totally get it.. I was walking around DC a while back in a black sweater dress and stiletto boots, and some guy said "Damn, you make me miss NYC with that outfit!"

At first I was like, sweet! I still have my NY style! (I grew up there). And then I thought, wait... does he think I'm some sort of call girl or something?!


Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

You're freaking adorable! I LOVE that outfit :)

Kate @ Manhattan Actress said...

I think you have great style and you're adorable.

Anonymous said...

I totally have had many of those moments! And usually they are the same "wow that dress fits you great, it would look terrible on me" or "well that is flattering on you" ... whenever people follow with "on you" that's never a real compliment! I think you look great and the barista was right - solid hair day!

Sara McCarty said...

What?? I think you look absolutely adorable! I love the outfit! Don't worry - I truly think that only about 5% of the world's population has any style or understanding of fashion. Don't worry about it!

Anonymous said...

Aw, well I think you're adorable and I actually really like the outfit! Better than boring jeans and a tee by FAR!

Whenever someone comments on my appearance, they have to work in how small/young I look. So it's always "you're just so cute" or "you're so tiny I could put you in my pocket!" It drives me absolutely insane.

beka said...

I vote cute. But then again, I've gotten those comments before so don't trust my judgment... :)

Katie said...

We call those "backhanded compliments" my mom is famous for them. My favorite one is "that outfit is really cute on you. too bad you're so heavy."

Katie said...

@momentspassslow - I have to politely disagree. I know that when I tell someone something looks great on them - like "Wow that color looks great on you, I wish I could pull it off" That's 100% genuine. Something can look absolutely great on someone else that would look horrible on you. For instance, my friend who is gorgeous and skinny wanted me to buy this baggy sweater that looked adorable on her. Unfortunately since I'm probably 50+ pounds heavier than her, I know it would look awful on me. Baggy shirts on skinny girls look great, but on me who is not skinny - I look like Im trying too hard to cover up my flub, and I look like a slob. Am I the only one who thinks this way?

Heather said...

I actually love your outfit! And layers are a MUST during December.

Linda said...

What?!?! This is a great outfit. Forget what that person said. You looked great! The barista was right, however, you hair looks perfectly in place.

The Auspicious Life

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