Monday, October 25, 2010

Pure Michigan

The second leg of my work trip was to Grand Rapids, MI. I extended my stay by a day so I could spend some time with my dear friend Cait.

We both got off early on Friday afternoon and headed to Robinette's to start off the weekend. I was pretty excited to experience all I'd been missing about the midwest fall.


The Apple Haus did not disappoint


We stood in line oogling the goodies, and left with two cider/cinnamon sugar donuts, a pumpkin cinnamon sugar donut, an apple turnover, and two apple ciders.


img 358
but do you notice anything funny about this picture? (other than my hair frizz)

look a little closer:
img 358-zoom

Its pesky bee!

Pesky bee bothered me the entire time we sat outside (and didn't bring any friends to bother Cait). he buzzed in my ear, attacked my donut, swam in my cider, and was a general nuisance.
img 357

After I took this photo he lost his footing and plopped right into my cup. So I poured him (and my delicious cider) out on the ground and watched him roll around in juice-induced stupor. that's alright buddy, happy hour's on me today. Take it easy this weekend, ok?

We finished up the afternoon with a wine tasting where I tried peach and apple wines for the first time. So different from a California wine tasting, but YUM nonetheless.

img 355
(what's fall without an over-sized iron apple?)

We continued the evening at Schuler Books and Music to sample some new music, and were perplexed by the long line of kids and parents trailing to the back of the store.
It turns out that Jan Brett was in store signing copies of her new book, 3 Little Dassies.

The 3 Little Dassies

This would be inconsequential except that, that very morning, I had heard part of an interview with Jan Brett on NPR, and proceeded to gleefully exclaim so to Cait.

It would be inconsequential except that a nice man walked over "sorry to interrupt," who just happened to be Jan Brett's manager (i think?) and ask me how the program went because he said it was a tough interview, and we chatted for a bit. I think she sounded great, and I'm now looking for an opportunity to buy the sweet book (I think I need a niece or nephew).

It was a pretty fun coincidence!

Then we headed to one of my favorite places in Eastown-The Winchester. It's fun and eclectic and has delicious food, and a great atmosphere.
What I love the most is the diversity of its patrons. There was a group of guys in their 20s with beers watching a football game and two older couples dressed to the nines sipping wine near us in the corner.

Caitlin had a white fish with roasted veggies
img 360

img 363

I had sirloin with braised brussel sprouts and celery mash
img 362

img 364

We both sipped on an Autumn Lager and chatted about cooking and married life.

Saturday morning brought us to a favorite spot of Cait's, Sparrows, for a muffin and a latte. I was so excited for the latte art (maybe I should have asked for a heart?)

img 368

It couldn't have been a more perfect morning--colorful and lazy and sunny.


After strolling through a couple vintage stores and thrift stores, I got on the plane back to rainy San Diego.
I miss you already Cait!

Thanks for letting me share how I spent my perfect 36 hours in Pure Michigan!

(ps. I wasn't kidding about the rain out here. We've gotten 313% more than average lately!)


beka said...

Looks like a great time! Those pictures with the apple and the leaves look like fall, fall, fall! I'm still just loving that hair cut on you.

Caitlin said...

Love it! And I miss you already too. A lot. Your pics look great [love the little borders/two pics in one thing].
I've gotten lots of complements on my thrift store purchases and always think of you : )
Love and hugs.

Christiana said...

Holy moly, those cider/sugar donuts and latte are so tasty looking!

Tiffany said...

Wow, everything looks so delicious! I need to try a cider donut, everyone keeps raving about them!

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