Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cait's wedding, pt 1

Last weekend was quite a crazy one. I meant to post on Thursday that I was getting away from the weekend for my dearest friend (and bridesmaid) Cait's wedding.

Cait is a college friend whom I love dearly. She's been my relationship shoulder since E and I started dating. She's the only one of my friends who was dating when E and I were, and now the only close friend that's married.

Cait met E before I did at school, and I was the late comer to the group of friends. We became close the end of my junior year (her sophomore), chatted over the summer, and I was thrilled for her when her summer crush made it official that August.
In the meantime, things were stirring up between E and I, and within the first week back to school, he asked me out...and shortly after we became official.

I know this all seems very high school, but there is a point to the story!

Cait and I have been at the same relationship stage for last couple years, and it's been so fun to experience everything with her. When she got engaged in early fall, I screamed with excitement at a restaurant with friends before she even got out the words to tell me why she called. I knew. :-)

E called her the morning before he proposed to me to let her in on the big news. We set wedding dates 5 weeks apart and have been having girl-time bouncing ideas off eachother for 9 months! While we were planning very different weddings in different situations, she kept me grounded and focused on the important things--marriage and family. And I was always on the lookout for little details to match her classic black/green outdoor wedding! We've chatted about everything from centerpieces to birth control, and her support on the wedding day and as it approached was a life saver.

It was so fun to see her own wedding come together, especially considering how insane she was--interviewing for a new job the day before the wedding!
I loved seeing how happy she and Wil were to finally be together forever!

So before I tell the story of my crazy weekend getting to the wedding, I just wanted to share a few of these very sweet first dance pictures I took of the two lovebirds.

Congrats caiters! I couldn't be happier for you.

(ps. the pictures are edited because I was a terrible photographer with a point and shoot camera, no patience, and a migraine)


My Dream Ring said...

Awww, congrats to her!

Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

Cute blog! I live in Chicago and grew up in San Diego...too funny. Oposite!!
I am planning a wedding and stumbled across your blog.

A Wedding Story said...

Wow, I love those pretty lanterns!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww. I'm totally crying. How lame am I?
I love you tons. Move Cali closer...puhlease.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog and loved it! I'm a bride to be myself and indecisive doesn't begin to describe it - more like no clue. Haha, but I'm finding my way.

I love the laterns in those pictures. Very cute.

honey my heart said...

so beautiful! those lanterns complement the couple's dance photos so well :)

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