Monday, July 20, 2009

Post-Wedding Chop (PWC)

I used to be a long hair girl. This is what I looked like when E and I started dating.

But for the last two years I have kept my hair fairly short, and loved it.

(me with the sisters)

About 2 weeks after our engagement I was long overdue for a cut, and I went. Even though everyone I knew encouraged me to grow my hair out for an updo for the wedding, I was being defiant. My little bob was "my style" and I was not about to let the wedding take over every minute area of my life. I was keeping my hair short, dangit!

So even against my stylist's suggestion, I went as short as it's ever been. And not a week later I was kicking myself and willing my hair to grow.

This is how far I got: (it grew about 4 inches in 6 months)

It was easily long enough to pull off the updo I has dreamed of, inspired primarily by this photo:


It looked like this on my wedding day

and now.....
it looks like THIS:

(excuse the bathroom pics and my tag sticking out of my tshirt! This was taken right before a run.)

I LOVED that I decided to do the bob where my hair is longer in the front. it's so much more sophisticated. And with the weather in SoCAl right now, I really needed the hair off my neck.


Nicole-Lynn said...

The cut looks very cute on you. You have the face for it. I could never pull off short hair like that. :)

hisMrs said...

Your hair looks SUPER cute short like that!! VERY sophisticated! I can't wait to see more pictures!!!

Anne said...

You're adorable! The bob is so flattering on you- I wore my hair that way for a few years and LOVED it!

PS- you were such a gorgeous bride! I LOVE your photos, and I can't wait to see more! :)

CIP said...

looove the short hair!

Ready to be Mrs. B! said...

ooooooooooooooh! i love the cut!

i am usually a short-haired gal (a-line) and have managed to grow mine to my shoulders. i already have my post-wedding chop scheduled! hahaha

can't wait for more wedding re-caps! i have loved them so far!

LauraAnn said...

You can pull either hair cut off very well(definitely makes me jealous). :-) Both look great but if I had to pick I definitely like the short bob!

BEL said...

it looks great on you! I've always kept my hair at a bob-length but am trying to grow it out a bit for the wedding just to be able to put it up. can't wait to cut it again after!

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