Thursday, May 14, 2009

This isn't just about the wedding

This wedding planning blog is the first time I've blogged so...unemotionally, I guess.

Reading the posts on this blog is making me realize how much I've gotten to share all the little details, and not what this is really like.

It's starting to really sink in that I'm getting married.
and moving across the country.
and finding a new job.
and living in my own house for the first time.
and stepping so far out of my comfort zone.

No, that's not our house.  I wish!

I'm going to miss not sharing a wardrobe with my sisters.  Seeing my dad at work every day.
I'm going to miss playing volleyball with my closest friends, chatting over coffee with C.Mc, going for runs with Rae.
I'm going to miss our monthly family get togethers of 30 people (yes, my family is big and very close). and singing happy birthday (warning: it is obnoxious!)

E's never really had a close-knit family like mine.  And I know it's going to be hard for him to pull me away from it all.  I've never lived more than an hour from most of my family.
 And he will miss them too. 

[almost] all of us! (28/30 ain't bad)

It's been one long year of long-distance.  And as much as it'll be hard to be away from home, it's been much harder to be away from him.

But I'm so thrilled to start my own family.  I know it's going to take adjusting, lots of long-distance phone calls, and some loneliness--but I can't wait to settle in as E's wife, wherever he is.

And it's hard to be nervous, and sad, and anxious, when I know what I'm going to: my real home, with E.  It's been a year of feeling torn in two, and never feeling quite settled. 
We have lots of learning and growing to do, but I'm glad we're doing it together.

I'm feeling like a total sap today, can you tell?


Gary, Christie, Anna and Izzy said...

It's a scary and exciting time, my dear. I've been there, not near as extreme as you'll go through. But now you make your own life, your own rules and your own family. Together. It's amazing! You'll always be missed but never forgotten when you leave us cross country (come back someday!). Love ya, Kate. BTW that's one good looking family! :)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Sappy is good. (This photo of the two of you is fantastic!)

LA said...

There are SO many changes happening in my life too. Seems we need to just hold on and enjoy the ride :)

hisMrs said...

There is definitely a lot of change that happens once you get married. I couldn't imagine adding moving away from my family on top of it. It will definitely be worth it though. That family picture is seriously amazing. It is so cute.

holly | bijou lovely said...

Moving away from your family is hard, but they'll only be a phone call or plane ride away! You'll feel much more "at home" once you move in with your husband! Love the engagement pic by the way!

Brandi said...

awh this is such an exciting time for you. Take it all in. Enjoy your room and your family and your sister's wardrobes...I know I definitely miss having the extra clothes too! :) It's strange leaving that part of your life that's been there forever, but I promise that what lies ahead with your husband will be so incredibly amazing and worth it

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