Thursday, April 23, 2009

...and they're [finally] off!

This post should have gone up yesterday but I was too lazy/busy.

On Monday, I sucked it up and bought these, even thought they ruined my envelopes.

and put them on these:

and put them in this box, and in my car.

and drove them over to here, all by myself:

and that's it.
my. invitations. are. in. the. mail!
Oddly enough I don't feel anything too different. The trip to post office was sort of anticlimatic for me. But it's done...and I'm so ready to move on to a different project!
I have been checking the website twice a day to see if we've gotten any responses yet....I can't imagine anyone will have them by today, probably not even tomorrow.

Ok, maybe I am pretty excited! who am I forgetting?


LauraAnn said...

Congrats on getting the invites off! Hopefully everyone will respond ASAP!

honey my heart said...

congratulations on getting them out :)hope your guests love them.

Nicole-Lynn said...

yey, one less thing to have to worry about.

Marissa said...

Congratulations! Wait until your mailbox starts filling up with all those little envelopes. (It's one of the things I look forward to when I get home each day!) :o)

Ready to be Mrs. B! said...

hooray! i am sure that is the best feeling ever! it will be so fun to start counting rsvp's! you should post a picture of your only gave us little teasers :) i would love to see the entire invite...and i'm sure i'm not the only one!

Jenn said...

I ended up with the wedding hearts stamps too, and would you believe I went to 3 post offices and nobody had the 42 cent ones for rsvp envelopes? Apparently they aren't carrying them because of the postage rate change in May, so I had to order them. Good riddance! :)

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