Monday, April 27, 2009

The first dance

*stay tuned for the announcement of my photo guestbook giveaway winner!*

It's a dreary Monday, but this song just makes me a little bit cheerier.

I've had this on my Zune for months, and somehow never heard it until a couple of months ago, I knew this would be the perfect song.

Unforutately, E and i have very opposite tastes in music that only overlap in the case of pop-techno girl bands (Lady Gaga anyone?), and an occasional clubbing hip-hop song.  Otherwise, I love folksy, indie music and he loves little-known heavy metal and underground rap.

I played this song for E with my fingers crossed when he was visiting a couple weeks ago, and he approved!  

There are a million versions of this song (don't believe me, check it out here!)

but without further ado, here's Rosie Thomas and Ed Harcourt (dreamiest voice ever!) singing our first dance song.

Did you pick a first dance song just because it was cute (and didn't necessarily have a strong meaning for the two of you?)  Maybe that's unromantic, but it works for us!


Ready to be Mrs. B! said...

awww! i love this song! it will be precious as your first-dance song!

Bridechka said...

What a lovely song!

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