Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Budget Breakdown: The Invitations

I spent a lot of time with this in excel, but in order to paste it properly I had to make a screenshot of the spreadsheet.

I am very happy with the amount of money I spent on the invitations overall. I tried to gauge what the actual cost per invitation was for me including all factors, so I hope this is helpful for anyone else looking to DIY their invitations. I thought it was sooo worth it, but this was an important piece to me (read: i was a little OCD/wedding inspired) and I had lots of help.
This project was worth it to me--and I realize I could've spent a lot less (or a lot more!) on them. I saved where I felt I could (family design help and no reply card envelope), and splurged (the pocketfold and postage for it)

Please let me know if you have any questions--I'd be happy to answer them!

(oh, the one thing I forgot was $6 for the graphics we used, via


Jenn said...

Man, I never totaled up what my invites cost to make. I think I came out ahead, but it would be interesting to see for sure. Great job! They turned out beautiful!

Louise said...

You know, I tried to post my breakdown too and had a horrid time with the formatting. I think I'll do a screen shot too. Thanks for sharing this! I've been doing a lot of cost breakdowns in excel. Sometimes i have to "step away from the budget" as it tends to drive me crazy!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Just saw the outcome and came back to how much it all cost you... wow! You did awesome and for a reasonable price! Great job!

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