Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fashion trends I'm just not into

As I have spent more time on fashion blogs (including my own) and more time thinking about how to wear clothing better, it's been important to me to have a certain perspective towards fashion trends. I love to read about them all, and appreciate some of them on others, but I have made a personal rule to only implement trends that are me. It's so easy to see something cute on a friend or fashion blogger and immediately want to recreate the look, but I started realizing that every outfit isn't recreate-able. That approach doesn't always help me develop a personal style.

Here are few trends that just aren't 'me'.

Fashion Trends I'm not into

  1. Chambray and lace. For some reason, I just can't into this combination. Maybe because I'm not really a lace girl?
  2. Faux fur vest.
  3. Crazy nail designs. I'm not sure why, but it seems like fashion blogs everywhere recently have been featuring crazy hand-painted nail designs. I can't even keep a solid color on my nails for 24 hours - I cannot do this!
  4. Leather leggings. The thought of doing anything while wearing tight, unbreathe-able leather...eek.
  5. Leopard. No hate - I know how many people love it. But it's just not me at all.
  6. Denim jackets. Ever since I retired the only denim jacket I owned in jr. high, I don't think I'll bring myself to buy another.

I don't intend this post to be critical, I just want to encourage you all that every trend isn't for every body. Now it's your turn - what are some trends that just don't work for you?

Coming up: a post on trends I love!

ps. Trends men love to hate.


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