Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Since we're having a California Christmas and not spending 1-2 weeks in Chicago with my family, I felt more compelled to make our home feel festive over the next few weeks. E and I had several discussions about the purchase of a Christmas tree. We were concerned about storage (we don't have much closet space in our house), and we had a very tiny budget. But I really wanted something. We finally compromised on a little three-foot pre-lit cutie. It is the perfect fit for our current living room, and we'll keep using it as decoration even when we start purchasing larger trees.

I set it up on an end table and covered it with a $5 throw blanket I found at Wal-Mart (FAR cheaper than purchasing or even making my own tree skirt!)

A little compromise and I got my little tree! Huge smile on my face looking at this in the living room! :-)

Cannot stop. Love.

On the mantles: lights leftover from our wedding decor, antique silver bowl full of red and white ornaments. Candle trio, and candle centerpiece, both from Kohl's

A few of our favorite ornaments. A Dachshund for Pookie (E's family dog), and the leaning tower of Pisa - one of the few souvenirs we took home from Italy.

Decorating our first family Christmas tree!

Then, this past weekend we had our annual friends Christmas gathering with gingerbread house decorating. My team did a great job with our house. We used homemade gingerbread and I'm now devouring this house at breakfast...Nom nom!



The back, wood pile and Santa in the chimney included.

all finished:
The final product. #gingerbreadhouse



Clothes Karma said...

Three feet tall or ten, a Christmas tree is cozy and festive all the same! I'm glad you made a little bit of room in your budget and your closet for some holiday cheer!

Amanda said...

I love tabletop Christmas trees! And I LOVE making gingerbread houses - so much fun!

Our Wired Lives said...

looks warm and toasty with the tree and candles. Great job.

Anonymous said...

I want to make Christmas bread houses! I haven't done that in ages. And I love your tree skirt/blanket!

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