Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Office Decor

There is a serious lack of design information in the blogosphere on office decor.

Sure, with the new trend of working from home, there is a plethora of design inspiration for home offices, but I need cheap, conservative decor ideas for my windowless, work office.

I think I am experiencing some sort of depression in my corner closet/office and I know I can do something to help it with decorations, pictures, and lighting.

This is what it looks like today. (it looks much brighter than normal because I forgot to turn off my camera flash)

I bought a $30 Ikea standing lamp (which is too dim to avoid using the overhead fluorescents....ugh)

I can't change the colors or furniture, but the walls and desk/organization are really where I could use some help!

I noticed's 25% off sale on metallic prints, and thought I might try posting something conservative, yet colorful on the wall where the door is.

After a quick browse of the keywords Italy, Venice, Canal, from the Creative Commons section on Flickr, I came up with a few favorite pictures I'd like to possibly print in a 16x20 size. Ideally, I'd like to pick out some other decor that matches the colors of my current furntiure, and the print.

Venice #1


Venice #2

Venice canal 2

Venice #3


Venice #4

Venecia 04

Venice #5



Another picture entirely?

Can you guys please help a design-illiterate, depressed, closet-office worker?

Vote for your favorite print (remember I have to order them soon to get the deal!) and please offer any other suggestions for cute organizers, wall calendars, bulletin boards.


Need Some Color In My Life


Unknown said...

Hmm! I really like these prints! are you allowed to paint in your office? I have seen some really cute office decor sets. Now days the awesome sets aren't just sold at places like Pier One Imports, but you can also find some really cute sets at like Office Max or something. Sometimes caddies and such can add a lot.

Plus, I'd invest in a plant stand for the random philodendron on the floor ;) lol

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

My favorite prints are #6 & #4 - the don't seem as crowded, and for me, I would want a picture that didn't feel closed in, if I already felt closed in, in my office. (Hello super run on sentence)
Here's another idea that a girl in my office did to open up her space - she added faux windows ( I think she found her's at Target, but I would also check out TJ Maxx Home Goods :)

Gary, Christie, Anna and Izzy said...

Don't you have a cousin who can't print you things for next to nothing plus shipping? :)

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