Friday, October 16, 2009

Italian Honeymoon, part II: Milano

Where was I? Oh yes, we just spent 3 relaxing wonderful days getting used to calling each other husband and wife, lazing on the beach and sipping wine in the hot tub.

We drove back to Chicago, and stayed in a hotel near O'Hare the night before our morning flight (free shuttle was a must!)
I couldn't sleep...I think E got sick of me singing "We are going to Italy TOMORROW!"

We flew American Airlines because we had earned one free round trip international flight--Thank you AAdvantage credit card!

We flew overnight (got some awful neck cramps and little sleep) and landed in Milan at 8am. Since it was too early to check in, we left our luggage with the hotel and decided to explore the city.
We had heard from seasoned travelers that there isn't much to do in Milan and within 3 hours of being there, we had to agree. The train system was easy to navigate, but the sites were unimpressive, and it was primarily an industrial city.

It wasn't all a loss though!
We found a lovely park that we wondered through: (I have many more pictures of Parco Sempione that I'll post in a separate post. Italy is beautiful all over!)

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walked through a little market:

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And ended up at the enormous Duomo (churches or cathedrals in italy are all referred to a duomo)

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an Italian guy with pockets full of corn, threw some into my hand so the pigeons would perch on me. I was shocked at his boldness and didn't know how to respond, so husband quickly pulled me away and said "No, Grazie" firmly to the guy. I think he was a little embarrassed at my touristy ignorance (they expect you to pay them...and the pigeons are really gross!)

Unfortunately, we didn't realize that women must be modestly dress before entering any cathedrals (covered shoulders and knees). So we wandered a bit more before walking back to the hotel. We made our way back later in the day.

Right next to the duomo is a large, open-air shopping center, Galleria Vittorio Emmaneule II. This is the entrance. (nothing like the malls at home!)

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we walked through
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not far from here (back near the park) are the ruins of Castello Sforzesco

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Back at the Duomo before dinner:

E climbed up the tower and took this incredible shot halfway up!

<span class=

I waited down below squinting my eyes up to see if I could find my speck of a hubby. I never found him, but he found me!

<span class=

(I'm the one with my hand over my eyes, standing alone towards the top center)

After standing and looking for a good 30 minutes, I sat and waited on the steps below, hoping hubby would be able to find me!
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Good night Milano! Day 1 in Italy complete.

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Bridal said...

I love that old architecture they have in parts of Europe.

CIP said...

Loveeee ITALY.

LauraAnn said...

Such beautiful architecture!

Shayna said...

So pretty!

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