Monday, November 17, 2008

Engaged! --but you already knew that.

I figured on the one month anniversary of E and I's engagement I would post the big story of the engagement.
Still hard to believe when I look down at my finger at work...or any time, and see that big shiny diamond looking back at me! I feel so blessed. This wedding is just the beginning of a lifetime to come!

So, here is the story, for those who haven't yet heard.

On October 17th, my great Aunt and Uncle and grandparents invited me out to a nice dinner downtown on Navy Pier to thank me for house sitting for them.

E was at home in CA spending another Friday night studying...or so I thought.

As we were walking down Navy Pier, I heard my name being called. I ignored it because I wasn't sure it was directed to me, and if it was, I thought it might be someone I didn't want to see. After the second time he yelled "Katie!", I turned.

About 15 yards behind me stood E, looking handsome as ever, all dressed up. I started running at full speed, my heart pounding. I dropped my purse halfway there, and jumped into his arms.

It took me a minute or two to realize it wasn't a dream; that he was really standing there, and by then he was already down on one knee, asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. I think my response was "Of course I'll marry you!!" I was crying and shaking and so surprised. I couldn't believe he was here!

Then my family came over and took some pictures and took off. Grandma was so relieved to not have to keep the secret anymore! We called our immediate families(who all knew what was coming) and spent some time walking around Navy Pier and talking before boarding The Odyssey for a dinner cruise. It included a four-course meal, live music and dance floor and fireworks off of Navy Pier. Soo romantic.

After dreaming about it and waiting, I still can't believe he pulled everything off and completely surprised me. I am such a nosy person! But I'm looking forward to more of these surprises in the years to come :-)

Here is a picture from about 3 minutes after the of the only ones that turned out.


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