Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's always something (Tucson, instagram edition)

Despite all my best intentions to get back here more regularly, life keeps happening. In the latest case - a nasty bout of food poisoning which had me worshiping at the porcelain throne for 10 hours straight getting the best ab workout of my life. And then being paranoid for the next 48 hours to consume anything of substance for fear it would start again. I felt pretty drained last week, but now somewhat back to normal.

The aftermath of food poisoning, sipping water and starting downtown abbey

For my day of recovery, I started season one of Downtown Abbey, got completely sucked in, and then realized the seasons are only 7 or 8 episodes long! What kind of a cruel joke is that?...

Before all that, E and I had a fun Easter weekend visiting my grandparents who winter in Tucson, AZ. They have a place in a top-rated RV resort and it was just about as nice of a place as any resort I could imagine, minus the poolside drink service.

We spent a day of adventuring, walking through some ghost mining towns, visiting a crazy rattlesnake shop,  and stopping in Bisbee and Tombstone.


The rattlesnake large property with dozens of rows of trash-heap antiques. I was dying over a few of the items, and nothing was for sale! This couple just goes dumpster diving and keeps a collection of every antique pieces you can imagine from farm equipment to cooking supplies, cameras and typewriters.

IMG_0555 IMG_0552

IMG_0559 IMG_0556

They make their money selling stones and rattlesnake skin paraphernalia like keychains, headbands, knife sheaths, etc.

IMG_0567 IMG_0565

Bisbee was a really interesting place that E and I may have enjoyed more on our own. (My grandparents are wonderful, but very different travel companions) It has an old mining history and buildings, a lot of leftover hippy people and stores, and a bunch of artsy boutiques, shops and galleries.

Tombstone is a ghost town turned tourist trap that I enjoyed despite that fact. There were a lot of jewelry and leather shops and E found a really cool belt. We enjoyed strolling through the saloons and watching the horse-drawn carriage tours roll through.

IMG_0570 IMG_0572
tombstoneAZ IMG_0550

My grandparents love breakfast so we went out a few times. The last morning to a dive called Bobo's, which was memorable, if not recommend-able. The pancakes were twice the size of the plate they served them on, and take it from this non-pancake fan, they were good.

IMG_0579 Me and grams. (from last week)

I'm so thankful to have such young and active grandparents, and for the chance to see them in the winters!


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