Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lady Gaga

E and I listen to quite a bit of top 40 radio, and got into Lady Gaga's catchy tunes when they arrived on the music scene. While we think the tunes are catchy (and have been known to turn up the stereo and sing along if Alejandro comes on the radio), we've glanced at her ostentatious outfits and distasteful music videos and struggled to understand her massive appeal as an artist.

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But E sent me this article published in The Sunday Times (UK) last week in which the author, Camille Paglia harshly criticizes the pop culture icon, by describing her as "a laminated piece of ersatz rococo furniture".

Paglia wonders if Lady Gaga sounds the death toll to the sexual revolution, and after reading, I can't help thinking there is a lot of truth to that.
Theres a point where being so gaudy seems more outrageous than artistic.

I would recommend reading the article as I think it sheds some light on her image and this generations of pop music fans. I don't pretend to be a pop culture critic, but I'd love to hear your thoughts!


krystal said...

They were talking about this on the radio, but apparently Lady Gaga was told back in the day by record labels she wouldn't appeal to Americans because she isn't "beautiful." So, instead of just being "herself" she re-invented herself as the Lady Gaga we know and love...and she got signed and became famous.

I hate to say it, but looks can make or break an artist...

Katie said...

Lady Gaga is the new Bjork, except I like her music better than Bjork... I agree that the ridiculous outfits turn me off, and make me feel embarrassed to listen to, or like, her music. Reinventing yourself, or creating an "image" to sell music is one thing, but she's taken it to an extreme and I just find her ridiculous. Yes, she isn't the most beautiful woman ever, but her talent could have outshone that (hello? can we say susan boyle?) She's just become a joke at this point.

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