Thursday, July 8, 2010


I decided a few weeks ago to get away for a few days to my hometown this weekend.

It coincides with a few works things that I was able to do out here in the Chicago area, and a friend's wedding, but I also needed to see my 'people'. Every few months I get a little homesick and lonely for them--especially my best girls.


Even though I love seeing family and friends, I feel less and less attached to the midwest. I'll always love 'my city' but it doesn't feel nearly as much like home.

(my parents' country road looks exactly the same, though!)

SO, I guess it's true, "Home is where the heart is"

I definitely find my home where E is (...and it doesn't hurt that he is currently in SoCal!)


I wish all my favorite people could live in my favorite place at once!

ps. In my rush out the door for this trip, I never grabbed my camera battery that was charging on the wall. I am one bummed latte.


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