Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We've got a Latte Love: Just the two of us

This post was a little tough for me to put together, because as much as I wanted to share every single shot with you, I don't want to overwhelm with you Latte portraits.
Nobody wants to see that much of us :-)
So here are a select few from about an hour of shooting, after our first look.

I love that E is holding up my skirt so it wouldn't be dirty for the ceremony!



whispering sweet nothings. More likely i was saying "honey, I'm going to lean over and whisper in your ear romantically for this picture"


Because there were still some people around the campus, and I didn't want full building shots in these pictures, most of the photos we took here are closer up.

our smiles started to face...


LOVE this set of photos!
IMG_9928edbw2 IMG_9937edbw2

Chris and Sara kept telling us to keep smooching--which was no problem for us!

After taking these shots near the arbor, we walked over to the gazebo

Sara's favorite:


We had planned to spend a lot of time taking photos there, but it was such a confined space (screened in with bushes around so we couldn't lean out or take photos from the outside), so we didn't stay long.

Then our photographers got this great idea...we grabbed the bench and dragged it out to the walking path. I always loved the idea of doing some really vintage photographs and this set the perfect scene! We assumed stone faces, and Chris and Sara edited the photo to look straight out of the 1930s.

This is one of my favorites, and definitely hubby's favorite wedding picture!


Then we were off to meet our wedding party for lunch!

all photos, unless otherwise noted, by Little Hands Photography


honey my heart said...

great portraits! the final one looks so classic :)

Cathleya said...

So gorgeous!!! I feel the love :)

Kelly Loy Gilbert said...

Those are all SUPER cute! I especially love the one under the veil and the vintage-y ones.

NuFlaiir - Planning a Destination Wedding said...

Beautiful portraits!!
You look stunning. So pretty!


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