Sunday, February 28, 2010

Need Reader Advice: a low-key bachelorette party

K*****, if you are still reading my blog for some's time to scat!
This isn't for your eyes.

So many of you may remember my feisty sister who got engaged in December
She is planning a mid-March wedding (where did the time go!) in order for her new brother in law to make it to the wedding before his deployment.

It's been a crazy roller coaster ride trying to find a venue and secure dresses for her and the bridal party, among all the other details in about 3 months. Lots of stress, tension, long phone calls and the drama is finally working itself out. Sometimes family is tough to love!
It was especially hard for me because I've been so immersed in wedding-everything for 1.5 years now that I wanted to be able to help more. But my sister's independent spirit and the distance didn't allow that to happen.

One thing I have been able to contribute to, however, is the bachelorette party! Due to some girls having to come in from out of town (*ahem*, me) the party is going to fall on the Thursday before the wedding....
And guess who gets the honor of planning it--that's right, me!

Because a few of the bridesmaids are under age, including my littlest sister (the MOH), and because the bride-to-be isn't much for going out, and is much for girly movies....the basic idea is to stay in and do just that. But since is the only part of the wedding festivities that I am participating in, I want it to be really special and tons of fun. Here's the lowdown:

I've started to gather inspiration for a theme--Marie Antoinette meets Gossip Girl, as inspired by this bridal shower featured on Hostess with the Mostess:


Weddingbee not the least!

This party is going down in my parents' basement--and I don't have much to work with for setting, but here is the beginning of my decor plan:

  • pink, tan(gold) and white sheets draped over the walls
  • navy and gold tissue paper poms
  • streamers all over
  • Gift table covered in vintage floral wrapping paper
  • navy ribbon wrapped around votives
  • milk white vases filled with pink roses and peonies

all kind of home-baked sweets and treat!
cheese platter
chocolate croissants

scones ?

strawberry lemonade
sparkling white grape juice (some chapagne for those of age)
cucumber mint water

Wedding movies:

The wedding singer
My Best Friend's Wedding
Father of the Bride
Princess Bride
The Wedding Planner

and lastly, games!

i said, games....?

ok readers--this is where you come in. In addition to watching some classic wedding movies, I want to have some fun with the girls.
For my bachelorette party the game was a scavenger hunt of sorts in the city. But what to do at home? What fun, non-traditional games have you played at showers or bachelorette parties that will work with younger girls [i.e. keep it clean! I want my baby sister to stay innocent :-)]

I've thought about videoing the groom with questions, but that's about.
I know you ladies can help me out, so lay it on thick (I only have 12 days!)


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