Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Italian Honeymoon, part VII: Weddings all over

I was still in such a 'wedding-mode' mindset on our honeymoon that I found weddings and inspiration everywhere I turned.
Here are a few wedding related things I kept running to in Italy!

First, this dashing couple taking photos in front of the duomo in Florence. This building and plaza is so epic, I can only wonder what kind of shots their photographer got. When I show you photos of the duomo later you'll know what I mean!


Random couple in italy--my apologies for these unflattering shots! I had to take them quickly as we walked by.
Maybe I can redeem myself with a little touch of 1960's action?


I'm sure your photographer did a much better job!

The wedding inspiration continued to Florence's central market...

How amazing would it be to pick up a bunch of colorful flowers from this open air market and throw together a loose bouquet for an unexpected elopement


Believe you me...if we weren't already married I would have rushed E to the nearest town hall. Love was in the air!

He could have picked up a ring from one of the gazillion jewelry stores on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.



This girl was still my heart.

even more bling?!



Speaking of the Ponte Vecchio...What a great place to pose for a photo or two, no?


But alas, what to wear for this unanticipated wedding in city of flowers?

well, we just happened to pass by a bridal shop filled with Italian couture!
I oogled these dresses in the window for a full five minutes before E dragged me away. [He was too embarrassed to let me go inside]
Try to enjoy these few window shots and ignore the awful glare!


I could die for the back of this dress. I could.


and fluffy shoes. oh fluffy shoes. i want to slip my flip flop wearing feet into your silver straps and strut around Florence. Can i? May i?


I have no idea what that feathery flowery contraption is--a shrug? a hat?
no idea, but I want it!


and check out that row of incredible Italian bridal couture in the back. Do you see the pinks? and the fur? and the gold? and the ruffles?
I wanted to bury my head in all that luxurious bridal satin and lace and smell the possibilities.

Someone splash me with water stat!

Lastly...the window glare is killing me, but check out this swag!


Aren't those goblets filled with pink sparkles and balls divine? Also, i could see tulle being used here in a very glam, not-so-nineties way.

Quick, someone have a girly pink wedding and use this!

So ladies, what do you think of the Italian wedding inspiration?...I'd love to hear your thoughts! [and don't get me started on the shoes...Italian shoes are for another post!)


lauralove. said...

I wasn't even quite in "wedding mode" yet when I was in Florence, and I found wonderful inspiration like that everywhere. So fun! By the way, the Rialto is in Venice - the bridge in Florence is Ponte Vecchio.

Katie said...

Laura--thanks for catching that! It was the Ponte Vecchio!

honey my heart said...

wow so many pretty wedding things to look at. and florence would be such a great destination wedding location :)

holly | bijou lovely said...

Love this post! I didn't see any brides or grooms but there was definitely tons of wedding inspiration in Italy!

Chuck Gniech said...

Italy is such an amazing place. My first trip there was as an art director... I had three days to "create" a wedding for a photo shoot in Venice. We were selling a wedding gondola... I was working for Hammacher Schelmmer at the time. In any case, Congratulations! Thanks for the images.

Marco said...

Wow... I live in Pisa, the city of hte leaning tower!

I hope you could come here, it's near Florence and it's so beautiful!

Expecially in this days, when the city is covered by snow...

Kelly Loy Gilbert said...

Great recap! Florence is so gorgeous. I loved all your pictures--brought back memories for me. :)

P.S. I lived in San Diego for four years too!

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