Monday, November 9, 2009

An update and announcement

I'm pretty bad at this recap thing. Maybe it's because my honeymoon recaps have been pretty intense. But we took over 1,000 pictures in 11 days people! And at least half of them are blog worthy, (Italy is just that photogenic) so it's hard to pick and choose what to share.

I want to keep my readers happy, but also offer these posts as a resource to brides planning a honeymoon to Italy, because ours was so fantastic.
If you wedding bloggers start to get uninterested in the lengthy honeymoon posts...I will completely understand if you employ the "quick scroll" to check out the pretty pictures, and ignoring our travel stories!
I hope you can stick around--wedding recaps will start soon!

Also, a couple of housekeeping notes, one positive and one not:

First, I've gotten my first [TWO] spam messages in one weekend, so for now I'm going to be moderating my comments. I hate to do that, but I'll try to be on here often enough that the comments don't hold too long! Yucky spammers.

Second, my one year blog-a-versary is this Thursday, the 12th! In honor of that I'll be holding a giveaway to be announced later today!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Wow, 1000 pictures! :) Looking forward to the wedding recaps.

honey my heart said...

hooray for your blogaversary!! i definitely want to see all of your honeymoon photos.

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