Thursday, September 17, 2009

what's next?

I apologize for the absence. I've been having a hard time getting together what I need to do a really good DIY post, and I am missing a lot of pictures of the "finished products" while I wait for my professional pictures. (No fun writing a DIY post without the results!)

I don't want to go without blogging for terribly long, so I'm going to fight my organized nature and start some recaps out of order!

Here's the question--do you guys want to hear about the Italian honeymoon


or the day before/rehearsal first?


Whichever you decide, I will start on Monday!

Thanks for being patient! here's another photo from our first look to keep you until then!

this photos makes me sigh with contentment every time I see. it. It's so hot, I can't believe it's E and I! I'm so blessed :)



qasiaraine said...

I love the pic!

I would vote for the day before recap first, myself.

BEL said...

your bouquet is amazing! as is that picture with your grandmother!

honey my heart said...

honeymoon view looks amazing and you look so happy in the 2 photos! i'm excited to hear about anything!

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