Friday, August 14, 2009

happy weekend!

this weekend I plan to:
  1. Grocery shop with a meal plan for the week (I'm a big fan of planning ahead!)
  2. Sort books (our living room has looked a little bit like this for over a month)
  3. shop for bookshelves at IKEA (hubs want this corner bookcase. he's got a crazy amount of books!)
  4. Research affordable vacuums (we need one so bad! Too bad no one bought us our $400 Dyson :-/)
  5. go through more CA reception and honeymoon pictures and edit away!
Here's a sneak peak!




Be back next week with more DIY projects and pictures!

also, huge congratulations to Callie of august15bride who is getting married--you guessed it--tomorrow! Thinking of you, girly!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Your honeymoon looked lovely.. from what I can see :) Looking forward to hearing about your DIY projecs and more pics!

honey my heart said...

awesome photos! your locations in each are soo great.

Anonymous said...

Great sneak peeks! Happy Friday to you! Have a great weekend!

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